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Article: Fulvic Humic Acid for Pet Wellness and Health: A Natural Solution

Fulvic Humic Acid for Pets
fulvic humic

Fulvic Humic Acid for Pet Wellness and Health: A Natural Solution

Nowadays our dogs (and cats) are certainly key members of the family. Our golden retriever Rowdy is basically the king of our home and as his fur is greying and he is entering his senior years, we are constantly in the pursuit of ensuring his health and well-being, as holistically as possible. Its become more and more well recognised that many of the potent and efficient herbs and tonics we take as humans, are excellent options for our pets.

At Zeally Herbs we promote the use of Fulvic Humic Acid concentrate as a binder for humans, but did you know about its incredible benefits for our pets?.

Derived from organic matter, Fulvic Humic compounds offer a plethora of benefits that can significantly contribute to optimal health. Fulvic and humic acids are organic compounds found in the soil, formed through the decomposition of plant and microbial matter. While these substances have been recognised for their role in promoting plant growth for decades, their benefits for animal health (much like human health) are quickly being recognised and appreciated. Zeally Herbs Organic fulvic ionic acid is full of ionic charge mineral load which provides electrolytes, amino acids, and more to help support body detoxification. While some come powdered, our Fulvic acid alkaline water drops are readily usable and highly concentrated to help support optimal pH levels and ph balancing.

The Benefits of Fulvic and Humic Acid for Pets:

  1. Improved Nutrient Absorption: Fulvic acid acts as a natural chelator, helping to bind essential minerals and nutrients in a form that is easily absorbable by your pet's body. This can enhance the efficiency of nutrient absorption, leading to better overall health and vitality.
  2. Enhanced Digestive Health: Humic acid has been shown to support a healthy digestive system by promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. A balanced and thriving gut microbiome is crucial for proper digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function in pets. About 80% of your pet’s immune system starts in the gut. Good gut bacteria are the foundation of your pet’s health.
  3. Detoxification Support: Fulvic acid exhibits natural detoxifying properties, helping to remove and flush out harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body. This can be particularly beneficial for pets exposed to environmental pollutants or those with compromised immune systems. Its also high in antioxidants that can help repair cell damage from toxins.  One of the most important toxins humic acid is said to remove is glyphosateAnd we all know Glyphosate kills just about everything in nature. When your neighbour uses pesticides, your dog is a garbage thief, or glyphosate is present in your dogs store bought food, Humic acid can be a vital tool to keep it from destroying your dog’s gut health.
  4. Joint and Bone Health: The anti-inflammatory properties of Fulvic acid may contribute to improved joint health in pets, making it a valuable supplement for ageing or active animals prone to joint discomfort.
  5. Immune System Support: Both fulvic and humic acids have been associated with immune system modulation, helping to regulate and strengthen the body's defense mechanisms. This can be especially valuable in supporting pets with chronic illnesses or those undergoing medical treatments. Fulvic acid is therefore a great supplement to add to your rotation, helping to modulate your pet’s immune system by regulating the amount of T cells and killer cells, ensuring they have the right number of immune cells to fight disease … and not an excess. 
  6. Coat and Skin Health: The trace minerals present in fulvic and humic acid, such as zinc and copper, play a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat. Regular supplementation may contribute to a lustrous and well-nourished appearance.
  7. Energy and Vitality: By supporting nutrient absorption, digestive health, and overall wellness, fulvic and humic acid can contribute to increased energy levels and vitality in pets, promoting a more active and happy lifestyle.

As we encourage an holistic approach to pet care, which is quickly gaining popularity (for good reason!), the use of  Zeally Herbs fulvic and humic acid shines as a natural and effective, stand-out way to support the health and well-being of our furry companions.

To administer to your pet, first check with your holistic vet in case of any thyroid concerns. Start with a low daily dose and adjust gradually. 

Small dog or cat:

  • 0 to 5kg: 1-2 drops per serving, No more than 3 drops daily.
  • 5 to 10kg: 2 drops per serving, No more than 4 drops daily

Medium dog or cat:

  • 10 to 20kg: 2-3 drops per serving, No more than 5 drops daily.
  • 20 to 25kg: 3 drops per serving, No more than 6 drops daily.

Large dog or cat:

  • 25 to 35kg: 3-4 drops per serving, No more than 7 drops daily.
  • 35 to 50kg ++: 4-5 drops per serving, No more than 9 drops daily.

We recommend starting with one daily serving.

While it's important to consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new supplements into your pet's routine, the potential benefits of these organic compounds make them a promising addition to the arsenal of natural remedies for pet wellness. Consider incorporating Zeally Herbs fulvic and humic acid supplements into your pet's routine and witness the positive impact on their overall vitality and happiness.


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