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Parasite cleansing

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June 17 - June 26, 2024

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We recommend cleansing around the full moon. Begin the cleanse 5 days prior to the full moon and continue on to complete 10 full days. Following these dates are encouraged but not necessary for a successful cleanse. Beginning +/- five days either side of the start date will still bring results.

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parasite cleanse bundle

We combine our premium Fulvic Humic concentrate with our bestselling Parasite and Colon Cleanse Capsules. 

Zeally Herbs Parasite Cleanse supports the elimination of harmful organisms, while our Fulvic Acid Minerals helps to bind to heavy metals and the toxins that these harmful organisms release once they are eliminated. Together, all three products act as a holistic whole-body protocol


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Anti-parasitic & Anti-Fungal teas

Gynostemma Leaf

Adaptogenic | Highly Mineralizing

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Anti-Parasitic | De-stress | Anti-fungal

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Blue Lotus Flower

Anti-Parasitic | Relaxing

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Giving Back

Our partnership with i=change

We give back $1 from every sale to an NGO of your choice.

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Seabin - CLEAN the sea

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Our Story

About Zeally Herbs

Connected to our devices but disconnected from nature and to an extent, ourselves.

Zeally Herbs was born out of a deep desire to help people connect to the earth for healing.

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Welcome to our plant family

Zeally Herbs is composed of organic, wildcrafted, and ethically grown herbs and minerals. We supply pristine, unadultured and wholesome medicines for mind, body and soul wellness.