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Herb Robert | Supreme Therapeutic | Anthelmintic

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*** Stock expected May 2024

Herb Robert is a supreme, therapeutic herb. Although very little information is available on the constituents, it is considered one of the most outstanding immune-enhancing herbs there is.

Research has revealed Herb Robert is a source of germanium, a valuable element to the body, with the ability to make oxygen available to the cells. More oxygen at cell level means the body has the opportunity to fight disease using its own powers, and healing can take place much faster.

Herb Robert also contains Ellagic acid. Recent research has found that ellagic acid may slow the growth of some tumours caused by certain carcinogens. Ellagic acid acts as an antioxidant, meaning that it can neutralise harmful compounds known as free radicals to protect your cells from damage and oxidative stress

A powerful therapeutic and preventative, a vigorous adaptogen, antibiotic, antiviral, and antioxidant. It is currently being used in the treatment of cancer and chronic fatigue. We cant wait to see how its story unfolds.


Herb Robert's Cancer fighting properties

Research has revealed Herb Robert to be a source of the antioxidant Germanium, a valuable element to the body, as it has the ability to make oxygen available to the cells.